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Arsenie, Арсений

Arsenie, Арсений - организация концерта



По вопросам организации гастролей и выступлений Arsenie, обращайтесь к менеджменту

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If you have any questions organizing a concert or any event with Arsenie, please contact our concert agency "Energy Star" :

+ 7(495) 7993497, м. 89104222628, e-mail: energy-star@mail.ru

Call our management team for production, celebrity entertainment and host needed for your next corporate event or private performance.

Biography in English

His parents gave him the chance to decide his way of life all by himself. “They let me decide by myself what to do with my life, but the advises they gave me have always been very useful to me.” Arsenie was always known as a big dreamer. His biggest dream was to become a big musician, someone whose songs should change the musical history. “When I was a child you could hear me singing at school, at home, in the bathroom, always and everywhere, trying to imitate different singers that I used to listen to!”

Most of the music he was listening to was Russian. “I grew up with Russian music. At that time I had just only one fan, my little sister.”

He started to write his own songs when he turned 15 and it pleased him so much, that he couldn’t stop.
“I realised that only that way I could express myself, my feelings in the real life! I understood that there is a place for me and my dreams in this world.” Arsenie tried to confer the way he wrote songs to his real life.
“I started to build up my life the way I create a song. Then started the life of my dreams like a beautiful melody.”

At the age of 16 Arsenie was involved in a Moldovan folk band named “Stejareii” (the little oaks), playing the contra-bass. In that time he started to perform on the biggest stages of Moldova. But his first performance as a singer was at school. He tried to sing opera, more or less successful. “It seemed so funny to me, so I began to laugh on the stage together with my classmates.” Arsenie still describes this situation as the most craziest thing he ever did.

When he was 17 he started to take singing lessons. His teacher was Larisa Shulga, who became a very important person in his life. She taught him the most important knowledge an artist has to have. “She taught me a lot of things about music and she shared with me her experience as an artist because she was a very famous opera singer in the whole ex- USSR”

In the teaching units she discerned his talent and introduced him to Dan Balan, who invited him to become a new member of “O-Zone”. After a few weeks the composition of the group was completed by Radu Sirbu. The new band became very successful in Moldova and after conquering the Romanian market, they gladdened whole Europe with their biggest hit. “O-ZONE gave me a very good experience. I travelled a lot with the guys all over the world, I slept less nights then ever but I felt really good.” He felt good with his two colleagues who were very talented artists and “very nice and friendly persons”.

After the split of O-Zone, in January 2005, Arsenie released under the stage name “Arsenium”, his first solo-single “Love me… Love me…” in summer, in Germany and France.

In March 2006 he starts together with Aliona Munteanu in the show”Danzes Pentru Tine”. In this show they came in second.
In May Arsenie took part in the Eurovision Songcontest in Athen. Together with Natalia Gordienco and Connect-R he represented Moldova with the song “Loca”.
Arsenie released his first Album “The 33rd Element” in June of the same year in Romania and Moldova.

In June 2007 Arsenie released his 3rd videoclip”Professional Heartbreakers”.

Видео с Arsenie

Arsenie - Minimum

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