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JD Davis

JD Davis - организация концерта



По вопросам организации гастролей и выступлений JD Davis , обращайтесь по тел.:+ 7(495) 7993497, м. 89104222628

If you have any questions organizing a concert or any event with JD Davis , please contact our concert agency "Energy Star" :

+ 7(495) 7993497, м. 89104222628, e-mail: energy-star@mail.ru

Call our management team for production, celebrity entertainment and host needed for your next corporate event or private performance.

Biography in English

DJ, producer, songwriter and vocalist, JD Davis has fired up the world's dancefloors, charts and airwaves for more than 20 years.

Having started his artistic career at the dance label Bonzai Records, he has known success throughout his career -lending his voice and songwriting abilities to titles such as Dave Davis "Transfiguration" (1996), JD Davis "Disco salsa" (2000), Sinema "In My Eyes" (2002), Chab & JD Davis "Closer to me" (2005), David Guetta & JD Davis "The world is mine" and "In love with myself" from the album Guetta Blaster (2005), David Guetta & JD Davis "Winner of the game", "Always", and "This is not a Love song" from the album Pop Life, and Tocadisco Vs JD Davis "Breakdown". In addition, he has never stopped mixing and playing records on all five continents around the world. He also was notably elected Best International Artist at the "Dance Music Awards 2006" in Kiev (Ukraine).

Known for both his qualities as a DJ (most remarkably for his sound technique!) and for his vocal signature, the private JD Davis is in constant activity. Musically, he shares his time between his two passions: studio collaborations, with artists such as Chab, Antoine Clamaran, Joachim Garraud, David Guetta, Kiko, Sinema, Playgroup (Trevor Jackson) Tocadisco and Junior Jack - and his live performances. Crowds party to his electro-groovy-house sets, where the music and sounds are ceaselessly renewed, and during which he sings - interpreting live his own Hits! JD Davis is unique in this, as he opens the crowds at his live performances to new horizons - The concept of DJ / vocalist is born!

90's Dave Davis starts his career as a DJ & Producer at age 18. His first signing to the renowned Belgian label Bonzai Rrecords entitled "Transfiguration" soon follows selling 30,000 vinyls & over 15,000 CD compilations sold across Europe. 20 more singles follow over the next 3 years under different stage names such as Les Sabotages / Phrenetic System / Davis & Santini. DJ Dave Davis is considered an international DJ (Techno/Trance) throughout Europe's biggest clubs & raves including - Mayday 1995, Love Parade 1996, Street Parade & Energy (Zurich) 1997, Mystery Land (Holland) 1997, Pacha (Ibiza), Mansion (Miami), Cherry Moon (Belgium), Gay Pride (Paris), Francofolies De Spa (Belgium).

1997 Davis leaves for London where he will live for 2 years with friends of the English electronic scene such as Colin Dale of KISS FM, Carl Cox, Ultimate bass Records. He then enters "Drum Tech" to work on his singing skills.

2001 Resident DJ @ Cherry Moon (Gant, Belgium) - alongside Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Moby, Dave Clark, Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier...

2002 The release of Sinema’s album "Love emulator" featuring singles by JD Davis & Kiko titled "In my eyes" & "Confusion". JD was also Co-writer of all the songs featured on the album which sold a total of 45,000 copies – Video directed by Durant Productions (Etienne de Crecy).

2004 / 2005 The Release of David Guetta’s album "Guetta Blaster". The Platinum selling album sold over 200,000 copies & 700,000 copies internationally). JD Davis was co-writer, co-composer and singer of singles "The world is mine" and "In love with myself" - Produced by Joachim Garraud.

2005 Release of the single "Closer to me" by Chab & JD Davis selling Over 30,000 vinyls and signed to 100 compilations worldwide.

2006 Release of David Guetta’s album "Pop life" - another Platinum selling album selling over 200,000 copies. JD Davis was co-writer and singer of 3 of the featured songs: "Winner of the game" (featuring on the opening credits from Auto-moto TF1), "Always", and "This is not a love song". JD Davis receives the Best International Artistaward at the Dance Music Awards 2006 in Kiev (Ukraine) for his interpretation of "The world is mine". The track also featured on various different ad campaigns: L’Oréal, Russian beer...

2008 The release of singles "Thrill Factor" & "Life in the Extreme" by JD Davis with "Thrill Factor" receiving airplay on M6, MCM radio stations.

2009 JD Davis co-writes and sings on "Break Down" - featured on Tocadisco’s album Toca 128.0 FM.

2007 / 2010 Project Davis with David Grumel, and then Jérémy Rassat. Singing classes & work on acoustic live performance.

2010 Onwards - Project Davis perfomances go from strength to strength as JD performs all around the globe.

jd-davis-biography2It would seem that his recognition as the lead singer of the huge 2004 dance floor hit “The World is Mine”, produced by David Guetta and Joachim Garraud and "Closer To me" produced by Chab and JD Davis, is not enough for JD Davis! Following an illustrious career of almost 20 years, the Belgian born artist was also voted The Best International Artist at the 2006 Dance Music Awards in Ukraine.

It's not surprising that someone this talented is one of the hardest working artists you can find in the industry today. Everybody wants a piece of him and he is only too happy to share his 2 main passions, studio collaborations and live performances, with the people who demand the best from him.

What sets JD apart from other DJs though, is his ability to sing his songs live while DJing, creating more of a live performance than just a DJ behind the decks. Because of this, he is regularly jetting off to all parts of the globe playing at some of the biggest festivals and clubs on the planet.

Over the years, JD has earned the respect of his peers and formed close personal friendships with other international DJs including Tocadisco, and Joachim Garraud, with whom he recently remixed Telex’s 1979 Electro-Pop track “Moscow Discow”. Released in July 2010, the track went on to make into top 5 tracks of the summer and was regularly played on Radio 1. The success of the track has catapulted JD in to the stratosphere and with the announcement of an album due for release next year it would seem that JD has his sights set on much larger things in our galaxy.

JD is currently working on his solo album together with Joachim Garraud. Watch this space!

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